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When you enter or leave the country, do you often worry about the personal belongings you carry with you? These items are either too big and heavy, or easily damaged, and are extremely inconvenient to check in and carry on the plane. The cost might not be affordable if it is arranged by airlines. Don't worry, Shanghai Zaier Worldwide Moving & Storage can help you out! Relying on our business advantages in international shipping and air transportation, Zaier will formulate a best solution according to your requirements about the move, including customized packing, pickup, warehousing, customs declaration, transportation, customs clearance and other one-stop services.

Here are some details about the moving of household goods and personal effects:
1. According to the quantity of your goods and time requirement, choose sea or air shipment:

1.)Port to port service: from Shanghai port to destination seaport or airport

2.)Door to door service: door to door moving from the location of pickup to the location of delivery

3.)Choose the right shipping date or flight


Different packing methods are provided for different items:

1.)Electrical appliances, pianos, furniture, ceramics, handicrafts and other valuable and fragile items should be packed in wooden crates and filled with fillers to prevent damages.

2.)Daily necessities, books and other regular goods are safe to be packed in cartons

3.)If there is extra long and large package, the exact length, width, height dimension and weight of single package must be provided when booking

Work needs to be done when loading:

1. Making labels in English

2.Listing all the items in the box according to the numbers, including description and number of items.

3.Making records of length, width, height of each box in order to calculate goods volume, as the basis of payment, the final warehouse measurement shall prevail.

3.Customs Formalities

A. Documents for Chinese immigrant: original passport, original residence visa, detailed packing list

B. Documents for Taiwanese, people from Hong Kong and Macao: Taiwan compatriot certificate (or residence permit), certificate of study or work, detailed packing list

C. Documents for Non-Chinese citizens: original passport, original work permit, residence permit, and detailed packing list

D. Items purchased abroad(Apply to non-Chinese citizens only): Original passport, original work permit, customs declaration form, detailed packing list, and purchase invoice

*All documents are required in original

4.Destination Services

When shipment arrives at destination port, you will be informed by our local agent. You can also contact our agent via the shipping information on BL, and inquire about arrival information by the time shipment is arriving at destination port. After the customs formalities are completed, the payment needs to be settled with our agent to arrange pickup. If consignee fails to take delivery of the goods within 3 working days, the storage fee will be incurred, which shall be borne by consignee.

5.Guideline of Pickup for Household Goods

1.)If your goods are carried by our company as the consignee, our agent at destination port will inform the consignee within 2-3 days before shipment`s arrival. As the informed party, the consignee should provide the correct means of communication that can be reached on normal working days. At the same time, the consignee can also inquire the arrival information of the goods from the agent at destination port actively before the arrival of shipment according to the agent information shown on the BL.

2.)If the goods have been confirmed to arrive at the port, the consignee can contact our agent to change the documents and settle the payment, and then the consignee can entrust your own local customs broker to handle the customs formalities, or entrust our destination partner to handle the customs process and delivery.

3.)If customs clearance is not within the service scope of our company, the expenses incurred shall be settled separately with the unit entrusted by the consignee. If customs clearance is within the service scope of our agent at destination port, the customs clearance fee shall be settled separately with our agent at destination port.

4.)After completing the customs clearance of the goods and paying the relevant expenses of destination port to our agent, the consignee can take the D/O to the warehouse designated by our agent to pick up the goods.

5.)Note that the passport for customs clearance at destination port must be consistent with the consignee marked on the BL, along with a detailed packing list in English. The customs clearance documents for destination ports are different, it is subject to the requirements of the local customs.

6.)If door to door service is required, the consignee shall send the required documents to our agent prior to shipment`s arrival. After customs clearance, our agent will deliver the goods to the designated place by the consignee, but the prepaid door-to-door fee only includes the cost of on-site delivery. If the goods need to be moved inside house, extra corresponding handling fee will be incurred.

6.Points for Attentions

1.)The packing of wooden boxes and wooden articles to the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Germany shall go through fumigation quarantine procedures. For example, if the fumigated goods to Australia, the Australian customs will require consignee to fill in a statement.

2.)The following articles are not allowed to be exported

- Counterfeit currency and counterfeit securities

- Print that is harmful to Chinese politics, economy, culture and morality, and manuscripts, films, photographs and audio tapes etc. concerning state secrets

- Precious cultural relics and antiques prohibited for export

- Endangered and precious animals and plants (including specimens) and their seeds and reproductive materials

3.)The following articles are limited when leaving the country

- Gold and silver products should not exceed 50g

- No more than reasonable quantity of alcohol and tobacco for personal use (1-2)

- Household goods to New Zealand should not contain any commercial goods (for retail sale), dutiable goods (tobacco and alcohol) and any quarantine goods (such as food, meat and beverage etc.), otherwise they will be sued by the local customs

Please consider ZAIER as your personal moving consultant when you prepare for a move. Anytime, anywhere, to provide you with safe, accurate and efficient service which helps to minimize extra costs and bring you more thoughtful services!

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Zaier Worldwide Moving & Storage was established in 1995, and is one of the leading moving companies that specialize in global door to door moving business for household goods and personal effects.

After years of development and innovation, Zaier has become a quality moving company that provides customized relocation solutions with offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Suzhou and other major cities in China. We offer residential survey, video survey, full packing service, customs formalities, furniture dismantling and assembly, transportation of air, sea, and truck, warehousing and storage.
Zaier has the finest worldwide network supported by our active partnership in the industry’s leading organizations, including International Association of Movers(IAM), Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (ERC), Overseas Moving Network International (OMNI), and International Federation of Furniture Removers (FIDI).

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